Who Charted?: Dipped in Eros

Ladies of Baton Rouge and Boise, get excited! Consider this your double doubs with Nick Kroll and Wie-Wie. Nick, and his dreamy eyelids, join Howard and Kulap to discuss the dance/club play song chart, the movies chart, and play a game of Chart Goose. Nick also demonstrates his encyclopedic prowess of Kelly Clarkson, JLo, and the Simpson sisters. This episode’s more seductive than roller boogie! Chartists, don’t forget to RSVP to Howard’s Summahfest July 28 in Hollywood.

I could seriously almost cry because I have to miss Summahfest. That record is what the boo and I have been listening to most of the time we’ve been in the car recently and it’s def. been putting us in a summah type mood.  Plus Howard and those glasses…meow.